Mission and Purpose

“At Fairbridge Centre for Social Innovation WA, our mission is to use research and evaluation to facilitate the development of programs and policies that support positive sustainable change in young peoples’ lives, their families and the community.”

Each year valuable resources are invested in the development and implementation of not-for-profit and community sector programs and services. These services aim to improve individual and community well-being and reduce the social impact of poor health, low educational achievement, unemployment, and anti-social behaviour. However, without rigorous, long term evaluation it is impossible to meaningfully assess the social or economic return on that investment. In contrast, with effective evaluation, we are not only better placed to know what the best investments are, but also how to sustain the impact of those investments and replicate them to benefit as many people and communities as possible.

Given the increasingly limited resources available
for the provision of community sector services,
guessing ‘what works’ and hoping for the best is
no longer an option.