Upcoming Projects

The CSI is currently planning a range of additional projects. These projects include:

  • Evaluation of additional Fairbridge programs, including:
    • Youth Training and Apprenticeships programs: Facilitating social and educational re-engagement of youth at risk (including those who have withdrawn from school) through supported training and apprenticeship experiences (in Building & Construction, Conservation & Land Management, Outdoor Recreation, Hospitality, Business Administration and Painting & Decorating)
    • COOL (Celebrating Opportunities of Life) program: Facilitating social, leadership and personal development of disadvantaged young people by bringing them together for week long experiential learning activities, and providing them with opportunities to try new things, recognise and celebrate their achievements, and form new friendships.
    • Supported Employment Program: Increasing employment, life-skills, social inclusion and self-efficacy of young people with a disability by providing them with long term supported employment opportunities.
    • Supported Accommodation Program: Reducing young people’s risk of homelessness and increasing their engagement in training and employment experiences by supporting them to transition from foster care, institutional accommodation and other temporary living arrangements to sustainable tenancies.

• Consultancies to other community agencies, including evaluation of local youth services and partner programs.

• Community sector promotion of the results of associated research and evaluation findings, and use of those findings to improve community programs.