Fairbridge WA Inc.


Fairbridge Western Australia Inc. (Fairbridge) is a major youth charity in Western Australia and the only charity in Australia that owns and operates from a nationally heritage-listed town site (Fairbridge Village). It provides a wide range of programs and services for young people and works in partnership with other youth organisations, corporate entities and government to facilitate the delivery of many more. These programs and services aim to facilitate sustainable positive social, emotional, physical, economic, cultural, spiritual, and structural/political outcomes for participants, and their broader communities. Fairbridge clients include children with a disability, youth at risk, young people experiencing drug dependency, unemployed young people, young people involved with the criminal justice system, young people who are struggling with life choices, Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people, and young migrants and refugees. To empower these young people to reach their full potential, Fairbridge adopts an integrated approach to service delivery, providing wrap around services that holistically support all aspects of their ongoing development. As such, depending on each young persons needs, individual service delivery may include any or all of the following: mentoring, leadership development, cultural development, lifestyle development opportunities, interest free loans, accommodation, education, accredited training, employment opportunities and adventure camps.